Venus Freeze Testimonials

“I haven’t been out of the house without makeup on in 17 years. I am feeling so great that after just 2 treatments with the Venus Freeze on my face and neck I have actually left the house without a drop of makeup on!”
Sharon S.

“I had a series of treatments for my face and neck. I must admit I was skeptical at first, having tried other wrinkle reduction treatments in the past that were not very effective. I am glad to say my doubts were unjust—I could see results as early as the third treatment! After completing a series of treatments my skin feels more vital, and it looks healthier and smoother.”
Caroline S.

“I always wanted to get rid of the saggy skin of my arms. A friend of mine told me about the amazing results of the Venus Freeze treatment. I am now half way through the course of treatments, and my arm circumference is already substantially reduced! The skin looks firmer and smoother, and I feel a lot better about myself.”
Annie W.

“I’ve been trying to lose the fat bulge in my abdomen for a long time. Workout and diet did not do the trick, and I was searching for a different solution. My aesthetician recommended me the Venus Freeze circumference reduction treatment. She promised the treatment would be pleasant and effective, and as it turns out she was right! The treatment was pain free and I am very satisfied with the results. Not only were the results visible after a short period of time, they were also long lasting.”
Michel B.

“I was seeking a solution for those annoying fine lines around my mouth. I wasn’t sure whether non-invasive treatments were suitable for me, but my aesthetician convinced me to give it a try. She recommended the Venus Freeze wrinkle reduction treatment and promised me it would be safe and effective. I can honestly say my aesthetician kept her promise to me. The treatment was painless and I was very happy with the results, which were impressive and also lasted for a long time.”
Sarah S., 49

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