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Dr. Michael Carlton, MD is the founder and CEO of Phoenix Freeze and Accredited Internal Medicine, where he assesses an individual’s current situation and history. He evaluates client’s medical and overall physical condition, life skills needed and personal goals to ensure an optimal treatment regimen.

As a Board Certified physician, Dr. Carlton has been helping patients manage their medical conditions, weight, physical fitness and lifestyle for nearly two decades. A specialist in the field, Dr. Carlton has the expertise to diagnose, treat and manage metabolic disorders leading to the accumulation of “stubborn fat.” He understands the biological, psychological and social components of health and fat management—and has developed a program to help people live and manage their lifestyle.

Dr. Carlton is qualified to order diagnostic laboratory tests, prescribe medications for fat loss and weight management.

In addition to treating patients, Dr. Carlton also serves as an assistant professor of psychiatry at Maricopa Psychiatric Residency Program and previously served as a Medical Director for several Phoenix-based treatment centers. Over his career, Dr. Carlton has medically managed and rehabilitated thousands of individuals. Under his care, he has given his patients the tools they need for lifestyle change.

He also completed two years of specialty fellowship in Medical and Industrial Toxicology at Good Samaritan Phoenix.

Dr. Carlton has over a decade of experience in the treatment of Metabolic Disorders, Internal Medicine and behavioral change. He has been asked to give educational lectures and seminars throughout the southwest. His areas of speaking include the lifestyle change and medication associated with metabolic disorders, behavioral disorders such as depression, anxiety and addiction and toxicology. Dr. Carlton has published numerous articles and has extensive knowledge in the field of medicine.

Dr. Carlton received Phoenix Magazine’s Top Docs award for 2011 and 2010. Phoenix Health and Wellness magazine named Dr. Carlton one of the 28 Top Docs of 2009. He served as a Panelist on Intervention at the 2009 Art Of Recovery Expo.

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